The Delilah Complex

The Delilah Complex Twelve sexually adventurous women form a secret club that becomes the center of investigation when several men they ve recruited to dominate are murdered Turning to sex therapist Dr Morgan Snow for gr

  • Title: The Delilah Complex
  • Author: M.J. Rose
  • ISBN: 9780778322153
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twelve sexually adventurous women form a secret club that becomes the center of investigation when several men they ve recruited to dominate are murdered Turning to sex therapist Dr Morgan Snow for grief counseling, the group may be harboring a murderer.

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    1. New York Times Bestseller, M.J Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother s favorite books before she was allowed She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and remind us to look for it and revel in it Please visit her blog, Museum of Mysteries at mjrose blog Her photo was taken by Judith Pushett utilizing an old relic a turn of the century 11 x 14 inch wood camera.Rose lives in CT with her husband the musician and composer, Doug Scofield.Her most recent novel THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONES Atria SS was chosen as an Indie Next Pick and her next novel, THE LIBRARY OF LIGHT AND SHADOW will be released July 2018.Rose s work has appeared in many magazines including Oprah Magazine and she has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, WSJ, Time, USA Today and on the Today Show, and NPR radio Rose graduated from Syracuse University, spent the 80s in advertising, has a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and since 2005 has run the first marketing company for authors AuthorbuzzThe television series PAST LIFE, was based on Rose s novels in the Reincarnationist series She is one of the founding board members of International Thriller Writers and currently serves, with Lee Child, as the organization s co president

    2. This brilliant thriller has a wonderful surprise ending. It's amazing.

    3. I loved this book, and it was even better that it was free on for Kindle! It's the second in the series, and I bought the first (though I thought for a second it was freeuntil I clicked and realized I'd just paid $2.99! Oh well, I think it'll be worth it).Anyway, Rose is an excellent author who weaves together the mind of a psychopath and the complex mind of a successful therapist. From : "Twelve sexually adventurous women form a secret club that becomes the center of investigation when several [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It's a suspense thriller and though it's got a psycho killer baddie, (just tired of that old plot line), I consider it a good read. If Law and Order SVU's BD Wong character is played by a woman (the heroine) and her "love interest" would be Hartigay's character- only a man( the hero cop)- you would have this book. It's told mostly in first person, from the heroine's pov but when the psycho is on the scene it's third person. I liked this one because Morgan Snow, the [...]

    5. I really enjoyed M.J. Rose's writing style. This is a great series so far and I think that this book was a great installment of this trilogy and I think that the author has a great knack of making you second guess yourself and wonder who is the murderer. This book kind of picks off where the last one ends. You have Morgan Snow, a sex therapist and her daughter Dulcie. You also see Noah, the detective whom Morgan had a very short lived fling with in the last book. I really love Noah. He's a great [...]

    6. Another free Kindle read from , The Delilah Complex is a good, simple read with lots of interesting twists. This is the first book that I've read of M. J. Rose's, and I enjoyed it enough that I would certainly read the other books in this series. Morgan Snow is a sex therapist at the prestigious Butterfield Institute in New York City. When the first of a series of gruesome murders starts happening, Snow is approached by a group of twelve women in need of grief counseling. The women belong to a s [...]

    7. Book 2 in the Butterfield Institution series, a group of women belonging to a secret society appeals to Dr Morgan Snow for therapy sessions when one of their members is apparently killed. But can she help them when there appears to be dissension within the group itself and where the members only share first names with each other? At the same time, someone appears to be kidnapping some of the members of this society and mailing photographs of their dead bodies to a reporter at a newspaper. But wi [...]

    8. I got this book on Audibles, my first audible book. I was very interested in the story line and the narrators were pretty good. I didn't know that this was the second book in the series until after I started listening to it. I was still able to follow along with the characters not knowing all about there past connections. All and all this was a good entertaining read. I would recommend this as an audible book as I listened to it in less then a day. It had me hooked, as I wanted to find out who w [...]

    9. The book focuses on the Club of powerful women who feel that women are looked down upon by the society. It has a good psycho killer, whose motivation for its activities truly requires a sex therapist like Morgan snow. I felt like the book consists of characters full of hypocrisy. There is absolutely no deduction as such, but there is a lot of dumb relationships - Parent & a teenage girl, Woman & Her Godmother cum Boss, Between Lovers, etc. etc. The book is written nicely and you would de [...]

    10. Once you start with the Butterfield Institute-books you become addicted to Rose's seductive voice, thrilling plots and fascinating peek into the darker side of sex.

    11. "when you dance with the devil""e Devil don't changeyou do"--one of my favorite quotes from the movie 8mmI think that's pretty fitting of how the character of Dr. Morgan Snow is being developed in this series. But that's only one part of the story.The main story of this novel centers around the Scarlet Society, an ultra secret sect of powerful and rich NYC women who attend meetings which is more or less a sex club. This club is different though in that the men that are there to service them are [...]

    12. This book is apparently the second in a series of mysteries involving Dr. Morgan Snow, but it stands alone just fine. In fact, the author did a good job of showing how the events of the previous book affected the characters without giving anything away for people who may want to go back and read it.I enjoyed this book, which was a pleasant surprise after my last few experiences with free titles, but it was not without its problems.First, I found the constant POV switching to be a confusing choi [...]

    13. From my blogI have read Halo Effect, the first in the trilogy and gave it a 3 but no review, this one I enjoyed even more. There are story lines that continue from one to the other but both can be read as stand alone's.It started off with a great bondage crime scene, what a way to capture your attention immediately.I really enjoy stories with counseling sessions, to be a fly on the wall, so real and energised. Dr. Snow is a sex therapist which her daughter calls Dr. Sin as a cute joke between th [...]

    14. I applaud M. J. Rose for her knowledge of the English language. She makes the world come alive with impressive and lush descriptions aided by linguistic obscurity. A couple times while reading I just had to stop and read a sentence again because the way it was pieced together sounded like poetry on my lips. I really felt engaged with the world and the characters while reading this book.The glaring problem that I se with this book will not be a problem for everyone, so take this with a grain of s [...]

    15. This is the first book by M.J. Rose that I have read and I was impressed. When I read a book, I want to connect with the characters quickly and I think this is one of the strengths of M.J. Rose's novel The Delilah Complex. It is easy to start rooting for Dr. Morgan Shaw as she gets drawn into a a series of "murders" that rock New York and leave the police baffled. Even though Snow is a sex-therapist, she is portrayed as a real human being, with real emotions, struggling with the same challenges [...]

    16. Dr. Morgan Snow is a Sex Therapist and some of her patients are involved in dangerous aspects of life, after her recent case in The Halo Effect had her in clutches of a serial killer Dr. Morgan Snow has been popular than ever. After doing a TV interview reluctantly, Morgan has been contacted by a women who belongs to a secret society group called "The Scarlet Society" , the group is made up of twelve powerful women who love to dominate sexually in the bedroom. The men who come along tend to be p [...]

    17. This is the first of M.J. Rose's books that I have read & I have to say, I've found a new favorite to add to my list. I adored the characters simply because they are all flawed just like us regular human beings. I could connect with them, particularly Morgan Snow. I loved that she is a strong woman, confidant in her skills as a therapist, but, typical of nearly every parent, constantly unsure of her skills as a mother. Her daughter Dulcie is gorgeous too, but again she is flawed as a typical [...]

    18. Listened to this on audible. I didn't read the first in the series, but was not at all feeling like I was missing anything. The author did a good job of putting in enough backstory that I don't feel left out. The story itself is interesting and well plotted with a nice thriller build up and ending with a fun twist. I did figure out who the killer was fairly early on, but that was okay, it was still Interesting to watch the main characters figure things out. There is definitely some character gro [...]

    19. Figured out who the criminal was early on. It was quite simple, very formulaic for these suspense stories. Author throws in a lot of red herrings but there are sections of this book while on the surface appear related yet random is what gives it away. I was also able to figure out what was exactly going on with the victims but I actually enjoyed that little tidbit. It was an interesting twist to an old scenario. The main character (Morgan Snow) to be such a strong woman; therapist, mother, intel [...]

    20. C2006: Another enjoyable aspect of Kindle books is that no-one can see the cover of the book you are reading and make a character judgement based on it. I am very glad that I read this via Kindle 1) it was free 2) no-one knew I was reading it. I have had a bit of a torrid time with the freebies from Kindle lately but this one was at least readable and I managed to finish it. I did not guess who it was and I am not quite sure whether the earlier plotting had not left something out. I do think tha [...]

    21. This is definitely a book whereby "Fifty Shades of Grey" meets "Sherlock Holmes" It was a great book. This secret society of dominant females seeks out this sex-therapist/psychologist who becomes our heroine within the book. The society is concerned because someone appears to be killing their 'male' members. Pictures of very gray dead-like images of well-known males are being sent to the Newspaperting the Police that there may be a serial-killer on their hands. However, they are somewhat lost, a [...]

    22. I hate books like this. They're like a made for TV movie for the Women's Life Time network. In short, a strong educated, trained in self defense mother and doctor turns into a complete moron at the end of the book. After already dealing with a serial killer in the last book and despite all her experiences in THIS book, she ventures downstairs into a deep dark basement to investigate, and, of course, her cell phone doesn't work and she just compliantly against ALL or any COMMON sense, delivers he [...]

    23. This is an intriguing suspense story with an erotic edge. I enjoy M.J. Rose's writing style. She isn't overly descriptive, yet she manages to engage all the senses with her words. I love when an author can make me smell something or hear something as if I'm in the room with the characters. Like some other reviewers have mentioned, I knew who the killer was early on, though it was disguised well. The downfall for me was the ending. I don't want to give spoilers, so I'll just say I found it diffic [...]

    24. I would give this a 2.5 stars - I liked it, but I also recognized that it didn't have a whole lot going on. The majority of the book was like watching a tennis match of therapy with Dr. Snow with her patients, her boss, her potential boyfriend, and her daughter. And for as smart as she is, supposedly, she also seems rather dumb. I think the idea behind the book is interesting - the Scarlet Society, a group of women who like sex a certain way and have a private "sex club" whose members don't know [...]

    25. Sex therapist, Dr. Morgan Snow, who works at the Butterfield Institute is drawn into a series of murders of male submissives. Members of the Scarlet Society - a group of women who sexually dominate men come to her when the male members of their secret society start getting killed and they don't know how to deal with their grief because coming forward would expose their society - these are women who appear normal but have secret sexual habits they wanted protected. The writing is great, and while [...]

    26. The Delilah Complex (The Butterfield Institute)by M.J. Rose is book 2, and lives up to the first one. That is not always the case in series. As many of you reader may have discovered. With MJ Rose you will not be disappointed. This book kept me glued to my Kindle and as in the Halo Effect, Ms Rose does not hold anything back. She knows how to create a story that is both literary and hypnotic that gripped me from the first chapter to the last. As in her first novel it is a pleasure to read as she [...]

    27. The Delilah Complex is a fast, sexy mystery that continues the tales of The Butterfield Institute. It revolves around the Scarlet Society and its members which are made up of dominatrix women and their submissive men. However someone is killing off the men and the Society faces being revealed or helping stop the killings. Throw in a healthy dose of S & M with the blood and gore and you end up with a fast paced fun read.What M J Rose does really well here is that you cannot limit this book as [...]

    28. The greatest part of this book are the two characters. One is an interesting sex therapist and the other is a detective. Set in New York, it is easy to get sucked into the story. The detective is from New Orleans and is a bit of a Renaissance man. I picture Harry Connick, Jr. This particular story was about murder within the membership of an exclusive sex club. I liked the book so much I ordered another by Rose right away.A few lines struck me:I'm too aware of how easily people break and how har [...]

    29. An entertaining read, with more of the same from the first book in the series: a series of crimes needing to be solved by Detective Jordaine, et al. and somehow requiring the Morgan's skillset as a sex psychologist. Overall, I particularly like Noah Jordaine as a character and I always look forward to his chapters, though Morgan gets a bit repetitive at times. That said, I'm definitely looking forward to the next book. (Note: I listened to this as an Audible audiobook: the narrators' performance [...]

    30. Dr. Morgan Snow a psychotherapist was chosen by the "Scarlet Society" to be their group counselor. Them (Scarlet Society) being fearful of the misfortune of their club. And not being able to handle the situation, where their men's guest suddenly turned up missing. This lead Morgan to an investigative murder case."Delilah", which Noah Jordain a New York detective, named the killer for being known as sending the victims hair locks as a trophy. When Noah started the investigation it guided him to D [...]

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