Easy Money

Easy Money Introducing the breathtaking new Scandinavian bestseller NAMES YOU WON T FORGET JENS LAPIDUS is an international phenomenon and EASY MONEY is his explosive first novel a dark urban tale of drugs v

  • Title: Easy Money
  • Author: Jens Lapidus
  • ISBN: 9780230761100
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introducing the breathtaking new Scandinavian bestseller 4 NAMES YOU WON T FORGET JENS LAPIDUS is an international phenomenon and EASY MONEY is his explosive first novel a dark, urban tale of drugs, violence, greed, ambition and the twisted justice of Stockholm s underworld JORGE is the drug dealing Latino who refuses to stay behind bars MRADO is the pill popping YIntroducing the breathtaking new Scandinavian bestseller 4 NAMES YOU WON T FORGET JENS LAPIDUS is an international phenomenon and EASY MONEY is his explosive first novel a dark, urban tale of drugs, violence, greed, ambition and the twisted justice of Stockholm s underworld JORGE is the drug dealing Latino who refuses to stay behind bars MRADO is the pill popping Yugoslav hitman who cracks people s fingers with one hand and strokes his daughter s cheek with the other JW is the wannabe wide boy who works the night shift to fund his partying with his wealthy friends Jorge, Mrado and JW have two things in common a love of money and a belief that the city s coke scene is the way to get it But soon they are united by another, important goal revenge And things are about to get bloody.

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      140 Jens Lapidus
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    2 thoughts on “Easy Money

    1. Jens Lapidus is a Swedish criminal defense lawyer and author, who made his writing debut in August 2006 with Snabba Cash It is an account of the Stockholm underworld and the first of a planned trilogy called The Stockholm Noir Trilogy Two years later the second installment, Aldrig Fucka Upp was published by Wahlstr m Widstrand A graphic novel with illustrator Peter Bergting The Portent entitled G ngkrig 145 was published May 2009 While this project does tie into his previous novels, it is not the third part of The Stockholm Noir Trilogy as some Swedish media has claimed Lapidus writing has been compared to James Ellroy and Dennis Lehane.Series The Stockholm Noir Trilogy

    2. Μια ακόμη φρέσκια και λεπτομερής ματιά στον κόσμο του οργανωμένου εγκλήματος από σκανδιναβό συγγραφέα, πιο συγκεκριμένα τον Jens Lapidus, ποινικολόγο δικηγόρο στο επάγγελμα και μάλιστα από τους πιιο επιτυχημένους στη Σουηδία. Το γεγονός αυτό και η επαφή με ένα πληθός ατόμων πο [...]

    3. This book is listed as yet another rival to Steig Larsen. This is at least the fifth book so advertised and by far the worst of the pretenders I am also a bit concerned that the author is listed as a criminal defense lawyer who represents some of Sweden's most notorious criminals. Really? The writing style is unusual and annoying starting sentences with verbs, run on sentences etc. The style is possibly intentionally manic, but disconcerting. There is nothing or no one to like associated with th [...]

    4. I almost never stop reading a book partway through, but 180 pages into this one I decided I was wasting my time. The narrative moves back and forth between three narrators, all of whom could be called anti-heroes, perhaps, except that I never found myself rooting for any of them. Either the writing or the translation has pretensions of slickness and with-it dialogue, but falls short, at least in English. When I read the part about a guy rewarding a "ho" with a complimentary haircut, i.e "free st [...]

    5. Tras el éxito los libros de Larsson y su serie millenium llegó un diluvio de novelas negras desde todos los países nórdicos que inundaron las librerías. En ese momento aparece la trilogía negra de Estocolmo creada por Lapidus dónde retrata los bajos fondos que controlan todos los negocios sucios en la supuesta idílica capital sueca. Como parte positiva destaco que no es la tipica novela negra en la que tengamos que descubrir al asesino al estilo de christie como sucede en este tipo de no [...]

    6. A crime novel from three perspectives about the cocain business in Stockholm.I mean, it was alright. Exciting at times but could have more of that, the last 50 pages was where it really picked up which was way too late in my opinion. Too long, the cash was neither easy nor fast since it took the author almost 500 pages to get there.

    7. "Snel Geld" is het eerste deel in de zogeheten "Stockholm Trilogie". In sommige publicaties wordt Lapidus met Stieg Larsson en zijn milleniumtrilogie vergeleken. Dat klopt dus helemaal niet. Behalve dat beide verhalen zich in Stockholm afspelen, lijken de boeken verder weinig op elkaar. Lapidus is vele malen rauwer dan Larsson. Bovendien schrijft Lapidus geheel vanuit het perspectief van de 'slechteriken'. Snel Geld speelt zich vooral af op en rond Stureplan in het hart van Stockholm. Het gaat o [...]

    8. I'll check out almost any translated crime fiction I come across, since the genre is often much better at providing a window into the everyday society of a place than more literary fiction. This Swedish thriller, however, proved to be an unimpressive, run-of-the-mill journey through an urban underworld, albeit Stockholm, as opposed to LA or NYC. The book follows three men: JW is a small-town Swede who has moved to the big city to reinvent himself as a college playboy, Jorge is a Latino cocaine h [...]

    9. Lapiduksen nyky-Tukholmaan sijoittuva melko todentuntuinen rikosromaani lähestyy alamaailman hylkiöitä ja pomoja neljältä taholta.Tapahtumia tarkastellaan Johan Westlundin elin JW:n, serbimafiosokapteenin Mradon, chileläissyntyisen vankikarkurin Jorgen sekä poliisin näkökulmista. Alkusysäyksen tarinaan antaa JW:n sisaren katoaminen, joka johtaa veljen serbimafian jäljille. Johan on maalaispoika, joka haluaa päästä hengailemaan Stureplanin kulmille pohattojen kersojen kanssa. Samall [...]

    10. ‘Snabba cash’ is a fast-paced story that manages to grab and hold your attention throughout. It uses the popular gimmick of situating the action in a real city (Stockholm) and describes in detail the streets, bars, etc. where the different scenes take place. This makes it easier to identify with the story, even for those among us not familiar with the world of extortionists and drug dealers. Another nice aspect of the story is the description of how one of the main characters, JW, sets up hi [...]

    11. The blurb on the cover of Easy Money promises that it is a "thriller to rival the Stieg Larsson books." Well, Easy Money is a thriller, and entertaining enough in its own right, but it definitely does not rival the Millennium Trilogy.Easy Money tells the story three criminals: Mrado, a high-ranking member of a Serbian organized crime ring in Stockholm; Jorge, a lower-ranking cocaine dealer who, after being burned by Mrado, is plotting revenge against Mrado and the other Serbs whose actions put h [...]

    12. I really wanted to like this book. I had heard good things about it (and about the movie adaptation starring one of my favorite up-and-coming actors, Joel Kinnaman) and yet it fell short.The plot was adequate. Nothing special, but serviceable (even if the twist at the end becomes pretty obvious about halfway through). The writing style is reminiscent of James Ellroy (one of my favorite authors). Something that would have been obvious with Lapidus' use of short, punchy sentences, without the Ellr [...]

    13. I doubt that I will ever finish reading this book. To start with I read the german translation which by all means could be better. But this isn't the worst. I love crime and thriller but only and really only when the book makes clear that being criminal is nothing good and nothing anyone should want to achieve. I couldn't believe that this book shall be written by a lawyer and highly wondered how he could forward something like this. The crimes committed get explained in detail by the criminals [...]

    14. -La delincuencia organizada tiene su propio submundo y sus propias reglas, igual que el subgénero que protagoniza.-Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. Una mujer es secuestrada mientras hace deporte… Jorge Salinas Barrio está encarcelado por la traición de socios naturales de la antigua Yugoslavia en negocios ilegales y está planeando su fuga. Johan Westlund, más conocido como JW, es un muchacho que finge ser de una clase social a la que no pertenece mediante los ingresos generados por su t [...]

    15. Es el primer libro del genero que leo y lo amé. El estilo narrativo del autor es bastante singular, con frases cortas y concisas, ademas de que todo esta contado desde la perspectiva de los "villanos". Vemos toda la organización de la mafia y como es la vida de los mismos dentro y fuera del negocio. Me agrado que este narrado por 3 personajes diferentes cuyas historias están entrelazadas. Es un libro largo pero no cansa ya que nunca llega a ser tedioso. El final me pareció un poco acelerado [...]

    16. Typical Swede-read: sex, violence, cussing. Trying to emulate Americans they overdo. A v-e-r-y long read or listen in audiobook. Interesting, fast-forward button got work out but got thru it. Well read by Bruce Turk.

    17. Eh, it was okay. Intresting but kind of lacking in plot, with multifaceted but unsympathetic characters.Full review in Swedish here

    18. loved it. so engaging. I thought the writing style -- fragments, slang -- might be annoyingat first, but it made the book just tear along. I had no idea how it was going to come together and I loved that. and i, of course, loved all JW's label talk. such a great read.

    19. I generally love Scandinavian noir, but this was actually pretty boring. It's one of those books that reads as if the author had aspirations of getting it made into a movie as soon as possible. And guess what? It's a movie. I also wondered if it was a bad translation.

    20. Boring. Pointless. Would not recommend unless Nordic Noir, organised crime and mafia plots are your thing.

    21. Snabba Cash är en ”hårdkokt” kriminalroman, påverkade i stilen som tillhör 1920-talet USA. Det är Jens Lapidus debutroman. Boken utspelas i moderna tider och handlar om tre mäns liv där alla letar efter vägar för att tjäna "snabba cash" i den kriminella världen som tillhör Stockholms klubbar.Motivet är "identitet". Huvudpersonerna försöker utforska deras identiteter och har fötterna i två ställen. I Snabba Cash kom de tre huvudpersoner till Stockholm. De kämpar för att g [...]

    22. It sounded like something I should like: lengthy tale of three different criminals who travel in different circles in Stockholm. Too bad I soon starting dreading having to listen to more of it. So slow, so full of unnecessary details, so not interesting. And I can't quite put my finger on why. An outline of the book would look good. Each of the main characters has a little niche of their own that gradually, very gradually gets intertwined with the others by the end. Maybe it's just the length. C [...]

    23. Title in the English translation is Easy Money.I listened to the audio version. The reader was a good match for this book. He made the writing come alive. It takes awhile for a clear “protagonist” to emerge, but I was pleased with the choice. Although most of the characters’ negative characteristics far outweighs the positive (brutality, disloyalty, etc), the character development was such that most important ones were drawn in three dimensional complexity, and with whom we sympathize on o [...]

    24. WellTo be honest,I almost wanted to stop reading even after 50 pages because Lapidus tends to describe certain non important things to details,like how somebodys kitchen is looking out,or how some young lad-to make it short-if you are going to describe a sex scene into such details how JW di was looking when he was having an orgasmI mean hold on ! I am not willing to read a porno!Lapidus writing did not impressed me,I had far better hopes because of the storyline and mafia.I even bought all 3 ed [...]

    25. What Lapidus, the lawyer-turned-novelist, has achieved is to generate in this book a striking depth of conception and an originality of plot and character that makes Easy Money a real page-turner. I can't recommend this book too highly.

    26. I thought this was a good Scandi noir read, but looking at other reviews I seem to be in a minority. Anti heroes and villains make a change from the usual fare in thrillers and I would recommend it to anyone.

    27. Stulbinanti knyga , negalėjau nuo jos atsiplėšti . Puikiai aprašytas gatvės gyvenimas , labai tikroviški veikėjai , įdomi istorija persunkta autoriui būdingo lengvo humoro , kaip tik tiek kiek jo ir reikia . Įtampa išlaikyta iki paskutinio puslapio , tikrai verta paskaityti .

    28. I was expecting a snappy crime novel, but this was slow and bloated. And in nearly 500 pages, I think the cumulative lines from all the female characters would take up about 5.

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