As I Have Loved You

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  • Title: As I Have Loved You
  • Author: Kitty De Ruyter
  • ISBN: 9781555037079
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
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      311 Kitty De Ruyter
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    2 thoughts on “As I Have Loved You

    1. Kitty De Ruyter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the As I Have Loved You book, this is one of the most wanted Kitty De Ruyter author readers around the world.

    2. First of all, it should be noted that the audio is really a "fireside talk" and not the same as the book.On a second reading, I have to give this five stars absolutely wonderful and amazing story. It is hard to find such Christlike examples outside of the scriptures and Jesus Christ himself. This is absolutely right up there with The Hiding Place, perhaps even better (now I'll have to re-read that one too!). These kinds of books highlight the great disparity between the lives most of us live and [...]

    3. I read this book 20 years ago. I loved it then and love it again. Such an incredible story of strength. I am so impressed with Mams. What a hero. What a perfect example of a Mother. Strength and courage that is unbelievable. Her Christlike attributes and willingness to treat others with respect. Her faith in Heavenly Father is what I hope to have.

    4. I recently re-read this book. It's a world war II book but not written like a thriller as some are. I gave it 4-5 stars because of the feelings it left me with and the pondering of my own motherhood and faith. The start of the book is more explanatory about Java (the authors home) which I thought sounded beautiful and her family. So it takes some time to get to the middle which Was my favorite and I thought the most inspiring part of the book. The last third of the book is interesting and inspir [...]

    5. Much better written than some personal stories told by people who are not authors. So the story is what pushes it up in star rating. And her story is amazing, but it's her mother that wins it all. The author either made her mother out to be more due to childhood memories becoming grander than reality or her mother was truly a living saint. Would have liked to have known her back story a bit more and understand how and why she had such unshakeable faith.

    6. I really enjoyed this book. After last spring, I promised to stay away from WWII books for a while, because I had gone on such a binge with them, but I am really glad I read this book. I have read about WWII from American, English, Dutch, and German perspectives, but I had never read or thought much about what happened in Indonesia during WWII. As a Dutch colony and so near to Japan, it was caught right up in the war. Everyone with Dutch descent was put in concentration camps, and then as soon a [...]

    7. I chose this memoir because the author came to my church and spoke and I was so inspired by her life and the lessons she learned from her trials that I wanted to have them written down so that I could remember. This book contains a lot of history that she didn't include in her talk, and her talk contained things not in this book. One reviewer on claiming to be a member of her family claims some of it was fabricated, but I'm not too concerned about that a "memoir" concerns itself more with the m [...]

    8. This was a touching, and amazing autobiography. The author's style is certainly not lyrical nor is it great literature, but what she has to say about her experiences as a previously privileged class child whose family was but in concentration camps on the the island of Java, Indonesia, during WW2 makes a compelling read. As a 12-13 yr old she emigrates to Holland with the surving members of her large family, where they lead a spartan lower case existence. Then as an 18 yr old she emigrates again [...]

    9. This is a great true story, similar to The Hiding Place or Diary of Anne Frank. It is about a Dutch-Indonesian family that was taken to live in a concentration camp during WWII. They practiced their Christian religion despite strict orders not to. One thing I liked is that this book wasn't as tedious or in-depth as the previous two books I mentioned, and it also talks about what happened to the family after the war. The narrator joined the LDS church in her adulthood.

    10. I read this for our July Book Club. What an amazing story! I truly respect and admire the author's mother. She was so strong during so much heartache. I hope I can be more like this mother! I can't say that I absolutely loved this book because the last quarter of the book was not tied in as well to the rest of the story. I guess I would have liked more details or a better wrap up to the narrative.

    11. Very inspirational story of faith, love and gratitude during WWII. It made me want to be a better mother. Really quick read.

    12. Wow, I really liked this book. It caused me to take pause in my life and thank the Lord for the many blessings that I take for granted. Great book.

    13. This is a book that will make you realize how good your life is. It also gave me a new appreciation of being an American by birth and having the privilege of living in a free country. Kitty De Ruyter was born in Indonesia, on the island of Java. She and her family became prisoners of the Japanese during World War II. They had lived comfortable lives with servants and in a spacious home and lands. They suffered terribly, nearly starving, and being treated horribly. They survived and eventually we [...]

    14. Not sure why I couldn't get into it for so long, but once I got past the first 50 pages it flew by! This was a wonderful story. This family's faith is incredible and inspiring. It amazes me that anyone could survive such harsh circumstances as those in the concentration camps. I loved reading of all the miracles in their lives that kept them going - the rain when the mother was in the hole, the stranger bearing money on the street, the secret stash in her doll. God does take care of us. We only [...]

    15. I loved this book because it mirrored so many of the experiences that my own grandparents went through in Indonesia during that period. I loved her optimism and her voice in this first-hand account. There were many good quotes and stories that my copy was dog eared by the end.

    16. Wonderfully inspirational book - it's been on my to read list a long time. It wasn't in my library system in IL. Moved to WI, still not in county system. It was well worth waiting to get it by inter-library loan. Should have done it sooner.

    17. A touching story of hardships and survival as a family goes through loss and such horrible treatment from the hands of the Japanese. It is always so amazing to me as I read about those that have experienced being captives that they are able to keep their faith through such horrible circumstances.

    18. Wow! This book packs a lot of love, learning, heartache, & goodness in it! (read it with a box of tissues, for sure!)

    19. I really enjoyed this book, and it went right along with The Zookeeper's Wife, which I just finished. Kitty, the author, grew up in Indonesia, where she lived an idyllic life with her family. Then World War II broke out, and the Japanese invaded. Suddenly her life was turned around. She was a young child at the time, but experienced some great challenges.I just loved this book. I was amazed at the courage shown by her mother. In one really amazing scene, her mother stands up to the Japanese. The [...]

    20. This was a remarkable book written by a woman who endured a Japanese concentration camp as a young child. The story of her imprisonment with her mother and sisters was heart wrenching. I've read several accounts of people who have survived concentration camps, but none have I felt so personally as I did this one. This story is unique in that the author's mother had been left alone to care for her 6-7 young children when they are captured and imprisoned. The mother even delivers her own baby whil [...]

    21. Best read of the year. Amazing story of love and devotion. I am amazed of the cruel things her Mother had to suffer through, yet kept her faith in God."Freedom is never free. Someone must pay the price for it, and many have paid the price to win my precious freedom" - What a great thought to remember on this Independence Day."Only good things come from God and God wants us to have peace in our souls and be happy people. If we knew beforehand what lay ahead of us, we might become too frightened t [...]

    22. I was initially intrigued that her story takes place during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia during WWII and was humbled that her story was actually about love, as the title suggests. Kitty recounts the most horrible events with the most terrifying frankness and then goes on to astonish you with her loving reactions to it all. As a young child she handled the situations of war as you might expect, but her parents go above and beyond the call of Christianity. Kitty's accounts of her parents' [...]

    23. As I Have Loved You tells a story of everyday miracles that come to aid those who are filled with the light of God. Kitty de Ruyter's Personal story of her childhood in a japanese prison camp during World War II and her and her families human courage in the face of brutal oppression. This book is a sweet testimony of the power of faith told by a woman that lived through it all. This book is not a movie. If it were, I'm sure they would have to change it a lot. There are a lot of different little [...]

    24. The book starts our during Kitty's childhood living in Indonesia, being in concentration camps, living through wars, moving to Holland, then moving to the US and eventually her joining The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS.If I managed to view what I was reading as a conversation with someone who is older and has fantastic stories to tell I found myself enjoying the book immensely. Those times where I slipped and realized I was reading a book I found myself getting frustrated with the repetition. I [...]

    25. I recommend this book to all my friends. This is a book similar the "The Hiding Place" or "Diary of Ann Frank." This young girl was taken to a concentration camp in Indonesia during World War II. She tells of the faith and courage of her mother who risked so much for her children as well as other children in the camp. I have met the author (she's in my Water Aerobics class) and she's just one of the most beautiful women I know. It's amazing how people can live through horrible things and come ou [...]

    26. De auteur GREAT vrijheden veroorloofd met de familiegeschiedenis. Toch is gepubliceerd als non-fictie testament van geloof voor de LDS kerk? Als een vroom christen, moeder en familielid van Kitty is verschrikkelijk dat ze in staat is om haar hoofd omhoog te houden hoog in haar gezin en de kerkelijke gemeenschap. De waarheid zou zijn geweest een meeslepend verhaal, behalve voor het feit dat ze niet te converteren naar de LDS kerk tot ontmoette ze haar geliefde Bob in Nederland als een jonge vrouw [...]

    27. This was the book for this month's book club. I kind of feel bad giving it two stars, it was probably between a 2 and 3 star book for me, but I think it was more "just okay" for me. This book is written from a religious perspective (and I would classify this as a religious feel-good book/memoir so if that's not your thing, then don't read this book). I actually don't really like "religious" books, which is probably why I ended up giving this 2 instead of 3 stars. With that being said, I still li [...]

    28. I was deeply moved as I heard Kitty relate her story at a women's conference back in the mid 1990's. First chance I had, I found her book and read it. Kitty de Ruyter told her experiences as powerfully on the page as she did in person. Her mother's spiritual strength was incredible. Several years later, I had an opportunity to hear Kitty de Ruyter-Bons speak again to a much smaller group of about ten women. She told "the rest of the story," so to speak. She was really cute the way she told it. S [...]

    29. I'm not sure what to make of this book. It was certainly an inspiring read. The author pays tribute to her mother who's faith helped her family to survive the horrors of a Japanese concentration camp during World War II. To her credit the author admits in her preface that her memories may not be entirely accurate She was only about 8 or 10 during the period of much of the book. It was a little frustrating not knowing how much of the book actually happened and how much was faulty memory. I know t [...]

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