Come the Spring

Come the Spring Adam Douglas and Travis Clayborne are each happily married and their beloved Mama Rose is overjoyed with the wonderful ladies who have joined the family But all the Claybornes wonder on which side t

  • Title: Come the Spring
  • Author: Julie Garwood
  • ISBN: 9780671003333
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Adam, Douglas and Travis Clayborne are each happily married, and their beloved Mama Rose is overjoyed with the wonderful ladies who have joined the family But all the Claybornes wonder on which side the law their restless brother Cole will land Now, Julie Garwood brings her irresistible mix of heartwarming wit and thrilling sensuality to a memorable Clayborne reunion Adam, Douglas and Travis Clayborne are each happily married, and their beloved Mama Rose is overjoyed with the wonderful ladies who have joined the family But all the Claybornes wonder on which side the law their restless brother Cole will land Now, Julie Garwood brings her irresistible mix of heartwarming wit and thrilling sensuality to a memorable Clayborne reunion and at last we meet the elusive stranger who has slipped in and out of their lives, a man who lured Cole Clayborne into a shadowy chase, and who will now bring unexpected turn s to Cole s uncertain future.Daniel Ryan is a hard man set on vengeance, a U.S marshal driven by a tragic, heartbreaking loss from the past His quest leads him to a beautiful young woman, the sole witness to a terrible crime and the only person who can help him But the lawman finds that love is perhaps the greatest risk of all as he unwittingly draws her into the line of fire The power and drama of their blossoming passion, entwined with the spirited adventures of the Claybornes and the surprising choices of the wayward Cole, make COME THE SPRING as poignant as it is unforgettable.

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    2 thoughts on “Come the Spring

    1. With than 35 million books in print and 26 NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers, Julie Garwood has earned a position among America s favorite fiction writers.Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Ms Garwood attributes much of her success to growing up in a large family of Irish heritage The Irish are great storytellers who relish getting all of the details and nuances of every situation Add in the fact that I was the sixth of seven children Early in life, I learned that self expression had to be forceful, imaginative, and quick, says Ms Garwood She began her writing career when the youngest of her three children entered school After the publications of two young adult books, she turned her talents to historical fiction Her first novel, GENTLE WARRIOR, was published by Pocket Books in 1985 Since then, she has branched into other genres including contemporary romantic suspense Today, her name appears regularly on the bestseller lists of every major publication in the country, and her books are translated into dozens of languages around the world Her bestselling novel FOR THE ROSES was adapted for the HALLMARK HALL OF FAME television movie ROSE HILL.Ms Garwood lives in Leawood, KS and is currently working on her next novel.

    2. It’s been over a year since I read the last novella installment of Julie Garwood’s The Claybornes of Rose Hill series, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get it done! Come the Spring is Cole Clayborne’s story, who I fell in love with in the earlier books. I’ve been dying to read this, but reviews and comments from friends and other readers had me concerned that it might not measure up, which is why I waited so long. I had hoped that maybe if I put some time between my last r [...]

    3. ¡Bien! ¡Ya está! ¡Lo hice! ¡Terminé con los Clayborne!No me hace feliz no volver a verlos, pero es bueno y me alegra ver que cada uno de esos chiquillos encontraran el amor y un nuevo hogar. Esta es la historia de Daniel Ryan y Cole Clayborne, tan parecidos entre sí que podrían pasar por hermanos. Me gustó la camadería entre ellos y como Cole es obligado a cambiar su vida (aunque espero que no deje de ser ranchero). Daniel y Cole se encuentran en la situación de tener que proteger a d [...]

    4. Kesinlikle serinin en iyi kitabiydi Daniel ve Cole ikilisine bayildim keske ilk kitap yerine bunu uzun uzun yazsaymis Sözüm özü Clayborne'lara bayildim ;)

    5. Çok güzel bir seriye çok güzel bir veda oldu. Cole'un kitabının ayrı olması gerektiğini biliyordum ama aynı zamanda Daniel'ın da hikayesini okumak güzel oldu. Olaylı bir kitaptı, daha başlarda sondaki ayrıntıyı fark ettim ama yine de kitabı zevkle okumama engel olmadı. Epilog çok tatlıydı, seri zaten aşırı tatlıydı. Yazara cidden hayranım.

    6. I didn't like how it took her half the book just to fully set the scene, and then she tried to squeeze 2 mediocre, unbelievable romances into about 1/4 of the book.And her male characters have definitely declined. Julie Garwood, what happened?? When did your big strong, stubborn, rude men turn into frilly little puppies?In the Highlander books, it took the female protagonist being in some sort of life threatening danger for the guy to finally realize he loves her as he races to save her. And tha [...]

    7. The last book is Cole's story. He was the restless, "I'll never get married." brother. This series was mildly entertaining but very predictable. I never had a doubt that a love match wouldn't work out or that the bad guy would get away and a happy ending was a sure bet. I need a little more realism than that I guess as my next pick is a WWII novel.

    8. Solid 4.25.Enjoyed this very much, fortunately this entire series had the same narrator so if your listening right through as I have there are no jarring changes.A great conclusion to a wonderful series, For the Roses being the best but this is a great conclusion. All the Claiborne's are great but Mary Rose and Cole have always been my personal favorites.Need something similar try JG's Prince Charming, this is I think my favorite of all her mixed environment books (Old West with a touch of Histo [...]

    9. Después de leer el primer libro quise saber lo que les deparaba el futuro a los hermanos Claryborn, pero fue un poco decepcionante ver que eran historias tan cortas. Esta última, centrada en uno de los hermanos que más curiosidad me despertaba, es más larga, pero reparte el protagonismo con otro nuevo personaje. Es una historia contada en paralelo con otra y me ha gustado bastante, pero no dejo de sentir que la autora ha ido muy rápido con las historias de los hermanos y que no les ha hecho [...]

    10. Güller ve Gelinler'den sonra bu kitap çok iyiydi. O kitabın yetersizliğini bunda da görürüm diye bekledim ama görmedim. Kitabı çok beğendim. Hem aşk hem polisiyeydi kitap. Cole ve Daniel banka soyguncularını yakalamaya çalışırken başlarına bela olan üç kadınla uğraşıyorlar ve ikisi de aşık oluyor. Aşklarını okumak romantikti, banka soygunu ile ilgili olan satırları okumak heyecan vericiydi. Tavsiye edeirm okuyun :)

    11. A continuation of Rose's story. I liked this series best of Garwood's work. Although her tendency to refer to sex as "mating" can wear on a reader after five novels, these characters are likeable and always leave you interested in their fate.

    12. 4.5 starsCole finally gets his own book. Well, sorta. He has to share his story with Daniel Ryan, who I thought would end up being his long lost brother or something, because people kept mentioning how they looked similar.

    13. Sweet story, a little adventure with the normal will he/she or won't he/she. There are two love stories in one in this book. Not as good as the other Garwood stories I've read, but still enjoyable.

    14. I loved the first book in this series, but the short stories that followed were hit or miss, so I had my fingers crossed for this final book, focusing on Cole, the fastest draw among the brothers, who is often mistaken for a gunslinger. In this novel he joins with a U.S. Marshal to run down a murderous gang of bank robbers. The search for the criminals and the protection of a witness to their crimes leads him to meet Jessica, a young mom who is one of three women targeted as a possible witness. [...]

    15. Great escape that involves two deputies trying to find the right woman that can identify the bank robbers that has caused havoc for them? But who is the right witness: the lady, the mother, or the beauty? It was a great read to solve this mystery.

    16. More violence than the others, at times dark and creepy, but sweetness in the darkness as people reach for one another for stability and peace. Definitely worth the stress. Good read.

    17. I enjoyed this book, it had a little more action and less romance then most of Julie Garwood's which is the kind of books I am currently enjoying.

    18. So happy to see Mary Rose's brothers get a book of their own. I had always wondered what had happened to them.

    19. Writing was a little uneven between sweet romance and sick murder mystery. Mystery was good so was the romance, but too different tones.

    20. Could you trust someone with your life after living a life unable to trust? Could you open your heart to someone knowing how unstable life can be?Come the Spring is written by one of my favorite authors so if it wasn’t a good book I would be highly upset. It is the completion to the start of characters that were introduced in For the Roses. Cole Clayborne is a rough & tough westerner who was on the road for a life of crime. Until him and his three brothers stumbled across a baby girl aband [...]

    21. So far this is one of the best romantic/action books I've read so far. I've read all the installments of the Roses series by Julie Garwood, and all of them have been incredibly satisfying, but this book is a masterpiece. The whole plot revolved around a mystery. It is true I tend to guess a book's ending and I usually don't miss, but this time I had no freaking idea of who the witness was. I have to say Julie made a good job on making each girl's version believable, and it was hilarious to read [...]

    22. Bir seriyi daha bitirdik. Kitabı okumayı daha fazla erteleyemedim ve en sonunda okudum hoş iyi ki okumuşum diyorum çok güzeldi zaten bekliyordum bunu çünkü diğer kitapları da çok beğenmiştim zaten bu yüzden okumayı erteledim ya bitmesin çabuk diye :(Neyse kitaptan bahsedersek son kardeş (aynı zamanda en merak edilen kardeş) olan Cole'un hikayesini okuduk. Kendisi batının en iyi silahşörü olarak bilindiği için devamlı meydan okunuyordu biliyorsunuz. Bu kitaptaysa kendi [...]

    23. Bintang 5.Rose 5.Buku yang terdiri dari empat babak/bagian ini menjadi penutup dari kisah perjalanan cinta para Clayborne. Menurutku buku ini unik, karena menggabungkan unsur romance, western, pembunuhan dan sedikit misteri. Pada awalnya cerita siapa yang menjadi saksi perampokan dan pembantaian dirahasiakan sedemikian rupa sehingga dari situ tercipta kisah yang seru dan mendebarkan. Tak lupa tokoh utama pria: Cole masih terkait dengan benang merah di buku Clayborne Bride, yaitu Marshal Ryan yan [...]

    24. Unlike One Pink Rose, One White Rose and One Red Rose, this book is a longer-length novel. There are, to my view, two heroes. Below is a synopsis of the book. Most likely it won't tell you anything other synopses will, but personally, I think this story has too many twists and little surprises that reading more detailed reviews might spoil the whole thing for you. Just my word of caution.Anyway, this is how it all starts in the first book: Daniel steals a compass that Cole's mother was bringing [...]

    25. Cole Clayborne has finally caught up to U.S. Marshal Daniel Ryan, only to find out that he has been sworn in as a Marshal also. Now the two are investigating a chain of bank robberies by the notorious Blackwater Gang. The latest robbery left seven people dead. But clues lead to the fact that a woman was hiding in the bank and witnessed the whole thing. Cole and Daniel find that three women visited the bank that day, and all say they were not at the bank at the time of the robbery. But when their [...]

    26. Geng blackwater perampok dan pembunuh yg sangat keji. Marshal cole clayborne dan daniel ryan memiliki misi untuk memecahkan siapa dalang dalam beberapa kasus perampokan yg mereka lakukan. Keduanya ngotot untuk menangkap semua penjahat tersebut karena memiliki alasan masing-masing, daniel krn masa lalu, cole hanya krn ingin membantu menyelesaikan kasus tersebut. Perampokan dan pembunuhan tersebut selalu tidak memiliki saksi, tp perampokan bank yg terakhir ini ada saksi kuncinya. Mereka adalah reb [...]

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