Grace She Wouldn tThe institution of marriage held no attraction for Grace Ackerly The world she had noticed expected nothing from women than that they be submissive demure brood mares allowed absolutel

  • Title: Grace
  • Author: Deneane Clark
  • ISBN: 9780843959970
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • She Wouldn tThe institution of marriage held no attraction for Grace Ackerly The world, she had noticed, expected nothing from women than that they be submissive, demure brood mares, allowed absolutely no rights or even opinions of their own And yet, at twenty, an age at which most of Society considered her well past her prime, she need only wait a little longerShe Wouldn tThe institution of marriage held no attraction for Grace Ackerly The world, she had noticed, expected nothing from women than that they be submissive, demure brood mares, allowed absolutely no rights or even opinions of their own And yet, at twenty, an age at which most of Society considered her well past her prime, she need only wait a little longer to be safe No she was fairly comfortable declaring she would never marry, no matter the temptation set before her.He WouldWith a flashing green gaze potently combining warmth, humor and seductive promise, Trevor Christian Caldwell was resisted by few women When one factored in the earldom of Huntwick and his legendary charm, his conquests became all the indubitable But never had there been a woman he truly respected Not until now Here, in Pelthamshire, a spirited redhead forced a decision he had never before considered He would marry Grace Ackerly, no matter what protestations, no matter what travails.It was yet to be seen who would prevail And how.

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    2 thoughts on “Grace

    1. DENEANE ELISE CLARK lives in South Carolina, just across the border from Charlotte, North Carolina, with her teenage daughter and son, and a cat clinging in ignorant bliss to her three remaining lives The eldest of three girls, she grew up just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, wandering through her childhood with her nose buried in a book when she should have been cleaning her room.Currently, she spends her days working full time, her nights writing, and the in between times sitting on bleachers and selling concessions for the high school booster club To relax, she likes to go to a local restaurant on a nearby lake and sit on the deck enjoying laughter and drinks with an amazing group of friends.

    2. "Trevor Christian Caldwell had a flashing dark green gaze that held a subtle hint of seductive promise, a great deal of smoldering warmth, and more than a trace of rich humor. When the earl looked upon a young lady, she always had the flattering impression that the entire world had fallen away, and that, for a moment, nobody else mattered to him."Oh, but Trevor hasn't met Grace Ackerly, who is determined at all costs to remain an old maid (why?). Trevor sees Grace's portrait and is in immediate [...]

    3. Trevor, the Earl of Huntwick falls immediately for Grace Ackerly, after one of her sisters is in an accident. Determined not to marry, Grace does all she can to put him off, but Trevor is determined to marry her.Characterizations were weak. Grace's behavior is spoiled and selfish. It's also never explained what she expects to do with her life if she never marries, which girls certainly were raised to do in early 19th century England. Her family doesn't appear to be overly wealthy, so how would s [...]

    4. Sayfa6 Yayınları'ndan çıkan Kızkardeşler Serisinin 1.Grace - (Kalbim Evine Döndü)2.Faith - (Issız Bir Aşkın Kıyısında)Romanlarını okudumYayınevini aslında bir seriden ardaarda iki romanı yayınladığı için tebrik etmek istiyorumBu uygulama sanırım bir ilk romans grubunda Umarım bu uygulamayı diğer yayın evlerimizde uygulamaya başlarDenane Clark'ı ilk defa okuyorumJudith McNaugh'tan çok etkilenmiş olsada asla onun kalem gücü yokBunu peşinen belirteyimAma bu iki [...]

    5. ben seriye bayıldımkardeşler özelliklede mercy :)eçok onu merak ediyorum :Dayrıntıya girmiim ama okuyun derim :D

    6. GoodA nice Recency romance. The characters are engaging and the plot is interesting. Not the involved character study that characterises Georgette Heyer, but good none the less.

    7. Enjoyable readI really liked the story, the characters and the feel of the time. I look forward to reading more of this family in future books.

    8. KALBİM EVİNE DÖNDÜ // DENEANE CLARK Yorum Detayı İçinÖncelikle kitapla ilgili söyleyeceğim herşey, esinlendiği kitabın eşsiz olmasından kaynaklanıyor. Yoksa kitabın kötü olduğunu düşünmüyorum ama yazarın konuyu baz aldığı kitap İçinde Aşk Saklı olunca , bu kitap tamamen derleme olmuş çıkmış.İçinde Aşk Saklı'yı okuyanlar bilirler; Clayton'ın Whitney'i elde etmek ve eşi yapmak için Whitney'in tüm inatlarına karşı verdiği çabalarla sevdiği kadın [...]

    9. This book was yet another free download that I got on my Nook somewhere along the way. I really just couldn’t get into this story. It started out pretty promising, but devolved into being silly and inconsistent very quickly. One of the things that really bothered me was Grace herself. She so stubbornly set on spending her entire life as a spinster that she spends her time acting like a complete ass and pushing away a man that she admits she has feelings for. We are never told why she has her h [...]

    10. I enjoyed reading about Grace Ackerley, one of six sisters. These girls have a wonderful spirit about them and I look forward to reading Mercy's story. SHE WOULDN’T: The institution of marriage held no attraction for Grace Ackerly. The world, she had noticed, expected nothing more from women than that they be submissive, demure brood mares, allowed absolutely no rights or even opinions of their own. And yet, at twenty, an age at which most of Society considered her well past her prime, she nee [...]

    11. I unabashedly LOVE this book. Yes, it's all been done before. And yes, there were times I was frustrated with projecting 21st century sensibilities onto 19th century characters, but in all, it was absolutely perfect fluff. I was in love with Trevor, I could see why he enjoyed Grace's company, they weren't TOO pigheaded yes, there was the time (as in every romance novel I freaking read) where I said "Just TALK TO EACH OTHER" but it wasn't too distracting. I was VERY impressed by a subtle misdirec [...]

    12. I was surprised on how much I enjoyed this story. You can't help but fall for the strong-willed Akerley sisters. The story mentions 6 sisters in all and we briefly were introduced to the twins Amity and Charity in their country home when the youngest Mercy got herself into a little trouble. This is how Grace was introduced and her story developed and her sister Faith, which is the next book I will purchase. Charity also has her story but I know little at this time about her with the brief minor [...]

    13. Every once in a while I need a little mind candy; A book that requires no thinking at all. A romance usually fits the bill, they have a formula and you know what is going to happen, it is only a matter of how. Man meets woman, they are meant for each other but don't see it, They experience missed cues etc, until at the end they realize they are in love. This fit the bill. One problem with this particular story is that it seems the author wrote a very nice story , then decided that there wasn't a [...]

    14. This was a Free Friday Download for my Nook at Barnes & Noble. This was the first download I've done and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed reading this book more than most of the books I've read in the past six months.I love the time period: Early 1800s in England and the characters that the author developed. Who wouldn't want to get to know these sisters and the leading men in this story. I truly enjoyed the author's writing style and found her dialogue to be very witty. I think that along with str [...]

    15. Grace Ackerly has no idea what type of trouble she's in when she meets Trevor Caldwell. The pursuit between the two is entertaining, trying to see who will win the match of wills.I don't normally read this genre, but it was a free nook book from BN. I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed the story (as cheesy as some of it was) and got sucked in once I started. I would read the other books in the series as the Ackerly sisters are very entertaining. The only part that didn't seem to fit in w [...]

    16. This was an easy romance novel, with not a lot of twists to the plot. Trevor insists that Grace will marry him. She thwarts him at every chance he gets, until she falls helplessly in love with him. However, it is too late, Trevor decides to avoid her and try to move on. Of course this doesn't happen, you know what happens they fall hard for each other, squabble about it, and finally just give in to their feelings. A little twist at the end has Grace in danger, which ultimately puts Trevor and a [...]

    17. Eeyup. Another free e-book for my Nook. Again, I don't really have a memory about this book. What I do remember about it, it wasn't bad as far as a period romance goes. Then again, I don't really read that kind of book and I'm hoping the ratings for these ebooks don't skew my Recommended Reads section too much towards bodice rippers and heaving bosoms. ~_~

    18. I liked the story but thought the side story about Henry/Harry was silly. How can Grace who seems to remember/pick up on everything not remember a childhood friend she spent so much time playing with. And likewise for the town Harry grows up there and comes back as Henry and no one seems to notice/remember? Other than that I liked the book.

    19. With the exception of the Harry/Henry section, I did enjoy this book. Why do so many authors use the storyline with the girl getting dressed up as a guy and going out to play poker? It is not very believable. Other than that this is a sweet love story.

    20. Really, I'd give it two and a half stars, if I could. It wasn't awful, but there was just something lacking in it for me. The writing is decent, as is the pacing, but there was a sinister subplot that served absolutely no purpose at all, save to stretch out the ending.

    21. A beautiful romance book set in the 1800s. Kind of reminded me of Joe in Little Women. Nice read! The bit of drama with the other man chasing her ended a bit on the cheesy side though. Good easy read anyways.

    22. 1. I don't understand Grace's big hangup about marriage. It was never really explained.2. I don't understand why Lord What's-his-Name wanted Grace when she was such a bitch.3. I don't understand why Henry returned to Pelthamshire under an assumed name. Why was that necessary??

    23. nice, typical regency romance. hoping to find mercy from interlibrary loan. it is not on nook or at my local library. not really interested in the other sisters so much. this was good for a free friday book.

    24. This was a Free Friday book when I downloaded it. This is not a genre I prefer because I find too many cliches in the genre for me to find most books enjoyable, and my dislike for the genre is why this only gets 2 stars. Please check to make sure it is still free before downloading.

    25. Baştan sona çok güzel bir hikaye okudum. Sonlarına doğru çok güzeldi özellikle. Serinin ikinci kitabı için de çok umutluyum. Kız kardeş Faith'in hikayesi olacak o da ama ben en çok dük ile Mercy'i merak ediyorum :)

    26. I picked this up when it was on the free-list and it was an enjoyable read. Standard romance novel, however the sisters were intriguing. If you enjoy this one, I imagine the rest of the series would be equally fun. I hope to read them as well.

    27. Her little hands, her tiny chin, her small body, her long fingers. And that was the heroine, talk about a worthless, meaningless, heroine, add a hero of the same ilk, and you have this book.

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